The Addiction


Yea, so this isn’t about nutrition or how to do a push up, it is, however, an important topic that helps you along your fitness road (and life road as well). Often, especially recently given our current living situations, I find myself griping, complaining, issuing the ever so often over exaggerated ‘if I have X, oh my gosh I could totally do Y!’ declarations. Well guess what you don’t have X but that doesn’t mean you can’t have Y or that your Y can’t turn in to Z that was actually better than Y in the first place. Your circumstances, your timing, your abilities, your life, those things are what they are and will only change (advance) with the effort that you put in to them. This is especially true as it pertains to your fitness. Whether you have goals to achieve which are the prime motivators for working out or you just enjoy the time to yourself, don’t let your addiction to the drama of complaining rule your impending results. That is only selling you and your abilities short. This mentality can go beyond further than just with yourself but also progress to those around you. In every day work, with your coworkers, your fellow sitemates, your friends, your students, the lady who sells you milk on the corner of the street, try to shift the focus to the positives as that is more meaningful than lamenting on the never changing negatives. I, for one, could do a little work on the small addiction I have to such. It would save me energy and offer loved ones back home a piece of mind.

Here is a good blog post (and website) about applying different logic and mentalities in the work setting as an organizational development tool. This is where some of my inspiration for today’s post came from.


(and this is bound to give you something to complain about…definitely when the soreness sets in tomorrow 😉

250 Walking lunges for time 

(every time you stop the lunge to rest, even for a second, do 3 ‘perfect’ push ups)

*I added a 4 minute jump rope at the beginning and end but do as you wish

Here’s a little technique to keep you kids in line:


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