You tell me

So, recently I received a very cool suggestion about keeping new music coming on this blog as a workout pick-me-up. I thought,’Why not? I love music!,’ and I also like to think that I have pretty good taste. (hush that mouth of yours if you don’t agree) Shpam! Here’s your Monday Mash Up Playlist. Write them down, go find them on Itunes (or you music downloader of choice) and enjoy your WODs this week.

Oh and that reminds me, TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! I can’t really give you what you want if you don’t ask. We will be having some more movement instructions, new WODs, nutrition, motivation, mental help/prep, fun things, smiles, cyber hugs…You name and I got you, but you have to let me know. Have a great week PCVs! Here’s me winking at ….

Monday Mash Up:

1. Adel (Jamie XX Remix) – Rolling in the Deep

2. Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep

3. Kid Cudi – Dat New “New”  [secretly my theme song here in site]

4. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapons

5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us


WOD: (it’s a new day and new week, get at it)

5 Rounds- 

50 Double Unders (remember its the jump rope with two jumps in one turn)

20 Back extensions (this is like a reverse sit up. Use some sort of bench so that you are off the ground. Remember, don’t hyperextend your back. Google move if need be)

$ Money Maker– (still need more? complete this)

10 minutes of walk, jog, sprint. Walk 30 seconds, jog 30 seconds, sprint 30 seconds until you complete 10 minutes






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One response to “You tell me

  • Diana

    Awesome! Love all of your posts and especially this one with the music! 🙂 I am a serious gym rat and I love that I can still learn lots of things from your blog. I’ve been working out to Adele all of last week and now I have a new awesome remix of it! 🙂 Same wave length! ❤

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