2012 Superstar

Ok, so it’s cold as all get out outside at the moment which makes it a wonderful push to get yourself out and moving again with a 2 mile run right? CORRECT!


Today it’s time to get yourself back in to that superstar attitude, and what better time than now with the start of 2012! Many of us have probably stuck in our resolution plans something about exercising more, losing weight, running, or simply do something physical each day, which is great and I encourage you to stick to it! That wish is why today I want you to jump on that fitness horse and destroy that silly excuse of not exercising because you can see your breath when you breathe. If you can make yourself endure the pain of a small jog in that cold you’ll see it’s not so bad after all and help jump-start your fitness routine again.

Take this Monday Mash Up as some artillery to face the cold and show it “what’s up.” I’m gonna really punish myself and get this run in at 630am, snow and all. Let’s see what you got in you.



Run 2 or 2 1/2 mile run at your desired pace



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