Finding your fitness level

So, ask yourself, why in the dickens do you even workout?

There could be a variety of answers to this question but all that really matters is how you answer it. For a long time people haved joked with me that my idea of being fit wasn’t sustainable because to me ‘being fit’ means being able to lift really heavy things, run super fast, pull myself up from every angle and carry very little fat. They joked with me about this because I was always comparing myself to how fit I was during the time when I was playing rugby rather than to now where I train for my own benefit. Nevertheless, that peak performance level is what I strive for in my fitness training, even if I can’t run my 40 as fast as I could while training for the USA rugby squad (which I’m not necessarily sure that is even true). But, the theme here is, know what personal fitness level you want and set a goal to reach it. Don’t base your fitness level completely on appearance either. For example, if you are striving to lose weight and to tone up, do not look at the skinny girl across the room and think she is in ‘better shape than you.’ More often than not image is just that, an image, and if you were to go against her in a foot race or weight carry you’d probably win because you have something she does have –  muscle.

So, I encourage you to seek out and discover your definition of  ‘fit’ and strive for that. If it’s to lose weight, bench press 400 lbs, do 20 pull ups in a row, walk on your hands, sustain a good walking pace for an hour, run for 20 minutes without feeling a sense of death, etc. , then so be it but recognize what it is and do it. Once you have found that peace on why you are willing to get yourself moving every day you will find it easier to actually get going and enjoy your workouts more. Remember, being fit doesn’t mean killing yourself. It means doing your best to reach for goals you have set for your self in fitness and health. But, don’t forget just because it hurts a bit doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

WOD:  (you will need something that can be swung like the person in the attached video uses…anything, get creative resourceful volunteers or be like me and buy some dumb bells and swing them like a kettlebell)

Warm Up with 400+m jog

5 Rounds:

15 Kettlebell swings

30 Double unders (remember this is the rope jumping with two turns in the jump. If you have forgotten this movement, look at some past posts talking about how it works)

– Then perform side planks for as long as you can hold (x3 on each side)



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