March Madness is upon us

Heyyyyy yooooo…

So it’s been awhile, eh? Been awhile since a post, maybe been awhile since you’ve exercised a bit, heck it might even have been awhile since your legs have seen the sun (it’s been frockin’ cold in ol’ Shqiperia). Alas! Never fear for spring time is so very near! And, I’m back from my adventures and lovely stay in America so it’s to the grind again.

Today we study 3 moves, 300 muscles.  This idea was taken from a an awesome little work out in Men’s Health (I know right? Yes, I read a men’s health magazine as a lady. Whateve’s)

  • Perform this routine as a circuit doing 10 reps of each exercise, and completing as many circuits as you can in 15 minutes. Rest if you need to (but only briefly) and as your conditioning improves, up the reps
  • This can be you jump start back into a summer exercise routine!

Movement #1: Body-weight squat (you know how I love these)

Remember to make it deep but don’t let your knees come over your toes. To make this happen, make sure you’ve got a strong, straight back with your weight on your heels.

Movement #2: Judo push-up

This is a movement you’ve probably seen in GJ Jane when they are in the ocean doing strange looking push-ups. Begin in push-up position with feet hip-width apart, raise your hips so that your body almost forms an upside-down V. Lower the front of your body until your chin nears the floor. Then lower your hips as you raise your head and shoulder toward the ceiling. It’s almost like a yoga ‘downward dog’ with just a bit more force. Now reverse the movement back into starting position, and repeat.

Movement #3: Sprinter sit-up

Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms at your sides, keeping your elbows bent at 90 degrees. As you sit up, twist your upper body to the left and bring your left knee toward your right elbow while you swing your left arm back. Lower your body to the starting position, and repeat to your right. That’s one rep.

Best thing, these can all be done inside yo’ house. So go get your 15 minutes on.

Monday Mashup Playlist:

1. Chiddy Bang – Handclaps and Guitars (and the rest of the Breakfast album pretty much)

2. Remix of ‘Strange Clouds’ called ‘Strange Sounds’ – B.O.B & Lil’ Wayne

3. My boy Drake- The Motto


Oh, and p.s., with March fast approaching I have a challenge for you all. So stay tuned, the deets are rolling out tomorrow.


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