The purpose and mission of this site is to offer those serving overseas in the Peace Corps a way to keep both their physical and mental toughness at its highest level. When fulfilling our service, it is easy to get lost in doing everything you can for those around you and lose sight of your own goals. Whether you have personal goals for health, fitness, metal prep and meditation, community fitness programs, or just overall well-being for life, this small site can offer you the motivation to embark on these goals.

When in site, especially those in remote areas with only your road and tennis shoes to guide you, it is hard to find the motivation to stay fit and competitive for life. We either lack the knowledge base for effective workouts or we fall victim to the “But I need weights!” mentality. Constant repetition of that small town 2 mile circle and lack of creative exercises also lead us down the path of dullness and boredom. It is my hope that through this blog and its daily workouts you can find some inspiration to either follow the small regiments or use them as a basis for your own daily workout routine. By no means am I a specialist nor am I a nutritionist; I am, however, an enthusiast with a few years of various training for both sport and fitness competition under my belt. Aside from that, I saw a desire and a need to remind volunteers that even though their hearts are strong enough for day to day compassion, the physical capacity of those hearts should never be neglected.

Lastly, the theme of this blog isn’t just about fitness guidance and healthy living in the PCV experience, it will also offer tips, ideas, and community highlights on how Peace Corps volunteers around the world are implementing their own touch of healthy living in the communities that they serve. I mean, why keep all the exercising fun to ourselves?

I hope you can use this as an  inspirational tool for the continuation of your personal goals in health and fitness as you serve in your communities. I believe that what you are doing is beyond physical strength and requires immense dedication; but, don’t forget to remember yourself and your own well-being.


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