The Air Squat

Ok, we will continue for a bit more on different movements. Most of them you already know, yes, but most of the time (come on you know I’m right) you perform them for speed and with bad form. So, why not review and revamp? It is a perfect time.

Whether you are a meat head who loves the metal against your back with a ton of weight just a few inches from your ears or a regular PCV standing in the middle of a abandon field, the squat is the same. Don’t do the ‘Robo Gym’ of loading your bar and dropping barely a few inches, that’s not strength but just pure silliness. The squat is one of the most misused, yet most important, of movements. It’s functionality is endless as we sit down and stand up throughout the whole day. ” “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.” (Mark Riptoe) Whether squatting for weight or squatting your frame the technique is the same – get deep, reach for depth. Here’s how. (Post inspiration guided by BlackBox Strength & Condition – My old home gym)

Proper positioning:

– Stance: Shoulder width apart

– Start: with full extension of hips and knees

– Put weight on heels

– Chest up

– Butt progresses back and down while keeping chest up

– Bottom of squat is below parallel (below patella)

– Knees track parallel to feet

– Return to full extension to complete move

WOD: Remember those ladders in high school?


100 m

Rest 1 minute

200 m

Rest 1 minute

300 m

Rest 1 minute

400 m

Rest 1 minute

300 m

Rest 1 minute

200 m

Rest 1 minute

100 m

(if you can’t measure it out, try to go for time of what you think you run these in. It is better than nothing)


The Addiction


Yea, so this isn’t about nutrition or how to do a push up, it is, however, an important topic that helps you along your fitness road (and life road as well). Often, especially recently given our current living situations, I find myself griping, complaining, issuing the ever so often over exaggerated ‘if I have X, oh my gosh I could totally do Y!’ declarations. Well guess what you don’t have X but that doesn’t mean you can’t have Y or that your Y can’t turn in to Z that was actually better than Y in the first place. Your circumstances, your timing, your abilities, your life, those things are what they are and will only change (advance) with the effort that you put in to them. This is especially true as it pertains to your fitness. Whether you have goals to achieve which are the prime motivators for working out or you just enjoy the time to yourself, don’t let your addiction to the drama of complaining rule your impending results. That is only selling you and your abilities short. This mentality can go beyond further than just with yourself but also progress to those around you. In every day work, with your coworkers, your fellow sitemates, your friends, your students, the lady who sells you milk on the corner of the street, try to shift the focus to the positives as that is more meaningful than lamenting on the never changing negatives. I, for one, could do a little work on the small addiction I have to such. It would save me energy and offer loved ones back home a piece of mind.

Here is a good blog post (and website) about applying different logic and mentalities in the work setting as an organizational development tool. This is where some of my inspiration for today’s post came from.


(and this is bound to give you something to complain about…definitely when the soreness sets in tomorrow 😉

250 Walking lunges for time 

(every time you stop the lunge to rest, even for a second, do 3 ‘perfect’ push ups)

*I added a 4 minute jump rope at the beginning and end but do as you wish

Here’s a little technique to keep you kids in line:

One of those days.

Apologies for missing Tuesday’s WOD. Just a reminder that we ARE Peace Corps volunteers and that ANYTHING literally can happen in a day. Mine was full of all kinds of malfunctions which lead to more malfunctions and little time for a blog post. So, here we are, a much need get out there and get it all out exercise.


Plug that Ipod in, find a good path, and workout some of those Hump Day frustration.


5k run for time

Monday Mash Up

So…lets get this week going with a small remix of the moves we learned last week. It is a nice ‘get your ass moving’ again WOD (sorry if ass offended you but really it grabbed your attention did it not and it is better than me calling you an ass so really just smile and move on). Today lets just smile read this quote, listen to this song, and do this mash up, AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS DANG BLOG!

K great, thanks. 🙂

“To explore what it would mean to live fully, sensually alive and passionately on purpose, I have to drop my preconceived ideas of who and what I am.”

– Dawna Markova

Monday Mash up: (turn this shiz up, you’ll like it…promise)


200 Jump ropes (or 100 squat jumps if you don’t have a rope)



Sit ups

Rest 2:00 minutes


Box jumps (any object over 1 foot tall to jump up on)

Push ups

200 jump ropes (or 100 squat jumps)

The Burpee

The move that does it all. A Burpee (kinda funny name huh?) is a full body strength and aerobic exercise that helps improve your sports conditioning and metabolism. This exercise is like an ‘Up-Down’, that wicked move many of you football players are used too, only with a slight twist. In this single workout you get cardiovascular training as well as strength training for your shoulders, arms, chest,  quadriceps, hamstrings, abs, and core. Sounds pretty awesome right? Ha, oh it is and we will be doing lots of them. Why? Because it requires zero equipment, can be done any where, and with added movements for more advancement in your fitness.

See this link for more interesting info: (please disregard the website title, it is merely a good representation of the move. that’s about it.) 😉

WOD: (sorry this came late, I’ve been super busy)

100 burpees for time

Here was my effort today. Not the best form I have to say as I could have given a better jump, but not bad. Time: 5:13

Ahhhh Rest…and GET SILLY

So, how have the last 3 days treated you? Sore? Tired? Saying to yourself, “Yo woman, those WODs ain’t got white on my rice?” (Translation: they are too easy for me.) Either way, today you are RESTING. Here’s why.

The importance of proper rest is ten fold in any physically (or mentally) demanding activity. It is stated that following a 3 days on, 1 day off program is ideal for body recoup. Here are some interesting reasons why:

  • Physiologically rest allows for your body to do some real work. As you have been striving and reaching your maximum during workouts, you are teaching your body to push its limits and adapt to new stressors. You work to achieve a goal but that goal is actually attained in the rest period. This is because it allows for an adaptation and repair period for you muscles to learn and adjust to its new physical demands.
  • Little rest and overly intense training can be more damaging to your body than the good that is intended. Instead of giving you the edge it will lead you down the road of a fitness plateau.
  • Psychologically rest days are good for the brain too as they offer you a chance to get re-energized for the next days workout and a mental focus needed to perform it at high intensity. This mental break shouldn’t be viewed negatively, laden with guilt for missing a day to workout. This only wastes energy instead of compounding it. Also, if you want to feel less guilt for that day, don’t eat like crap so you feel obligated to workout on a rest day.
  • Lastly rest days are not, “Ewww rest day, time for a 4 miles run” or ” Ahhhhhh I think this would be a perfect day to do a 6 hour mountain bike ride.” Get my drift?
So…this is what I would rather you do today. (que music, like really…and read on)
The Art of Getting Silly:
Being silly (or pulling a Miley as Urban Dictionary would tell you) is something you do that is completely out of the ordinary; and, given you current location, pretty much everything you do is out of the ordinary. So, my challenge to you today is get out there and ‘Get Silly.’ If you need some inspiration YouTube my recent dance debut and you’ll get the gist. Also, here are a few ideas to get your mind reeling. Post below on just how ‘silly’ you got!
– Sleep in your bed backwards (might want to change your sheets first)
-Blow bubbles while walking through town (I actually do this often lol)
-Dance like no one’s watching to your favourite song
-Climb a tree (and film this cause I would love to see some reactions ha)
-Practice somersaults and handstands and cartwheels
-Laugh for no reason at all, and in different ways (I think I will try this now actually…lol. hahaha. baaaaahhhh. jajajajaja….hehehe…psshhhwwwllaaa….)
– scavenger hunt (or do a photo scavenger hunt, I just did one. awesome blossom)
– Hug some tree. Literally.
-Put stickers on random people who stare at you (or scare them as they stare at you)
-Make faces at yourself in the mirror
-Challenge your mayor to a paper football match (you know…doing the whole Goal #3 thing)
-Shower today.

The ‘Annie’

How is everyone feeling? A little sore in the arms and butt? If not, then you haven’t been doing the WODs. Get your rear in gear, I don’t want to be the only one hardly been able to stand in the morning!

Ok, as you can tell we are covering a lot of basic movements this week. I think it is important to learn the skills (or relearn them in correct form) so that you can reach your maximum goals. Our next movement will require a jump rope or anything rope like that can be jumped.

This is the Double Under. Watch the video for an example, tips to complete the double under, and ways to work yourself up to it. I feel as though you might not be able to get the DU on the first go so we will scale to single jumps if necessary; but, I hope you prove me wrong!

Make sure you get good and warmed up before today WOD. I am sure your sore muscles could use a little bit more stretching today.

WOD: Annie

For time complete-


Double unders (if you cannot complete these with real DUs then move to single unders and change the numbers to 150-120-90-60-30)

Sit ups

(this is considered another bench mark workout to see where your fitness level stands…it’s also really fun I think)

Extra Credit:

Get yo plank on! (I still don’t understand this new fad…but whatever)

3 reps of max weight plank holds (if you don’t have weights then just regular plank). One rep is you holding the plank until failure (you you cannot possibly hold it any longer)